Finances filter terms listed by category

You have the ability to filter for transactions in the Finances area of your control panel. Use the filter icon and search by any of the criteria available in the People section, or the criteria listed below. 

When you filter in the Finances area you will see a running total of all the listed transactions. A filter will show you the running total of transactions from that filter. If you did not filter you will see the running total of all transactions in your nation. 

Running total

Filter categories

  • General
  • Variable Description
    NationBuilder ID
    Transaction type
    Individual transaction amount
    Transaction date
    Payment type
    Added by (person)
  • Donations
  • Variable Description
    Credit card authorization
    Donation NGP ID
    FEC type
    File first imported from
    Split off a larger donation
    Corporate contribution
    Donated on page (slug)
    Donated from mailing (slug)
    Donation check number
    Donation election cycle
    Donation election period
    Donation tracking code
    Donation type
    Recurring donation status
  • Expenditures
  • Variable Description
    Finance type
    Supported person or organization
    Opposed person or organization
    Expenditure check number
    Expenditure election cycle
    Expenditure election period
    Expenditure tracking code
  • Invoices
  • Variable Description
    Amount paid
    Amount discounted
    Amount subsidized
    Invoice name
    Company name Does this address have multiple people living there?
    Days to pay
    Closed date
    Sent date
    Start of period The hours a person in your nation is available.
    End of period

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If you’re unclear on how this feature works, please ask a question. If you would like to see changes to this feature, please submit a suggestion.