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NationBuilder's GDPR Compliance

What did NationBuilder do in preparation for GDPR?

One of NationBuilder’s core tenets has always been that our customers own and manage their own data. With that comes a responsibility to provide tools that help our customers ensure that their data is protected and secure, which includes complying with applicable regulations. To that end, we have always prioritized robust compliance, data protection, and security practices. 

In anticipation of the GDPR, we analyzed our product and practices to determine any updates that were needed. We then made the following changes:

  • Data Processing Addendum (DPA): We updated the Data Processing Addendum to our Master Terms of Service. The DPA sets out the respective roles of NationBuilder and our customers regarding the processing of personal data and our mutual commitments relating to compliance with the GDPR . 


  • Product: We expanded and updated our suite of product features to address our customers’ needs for tools that help collect and manage data in compliance with GDPR. Including tools to: 


  • Data Protection Officer: We appointed a Data Protection Officer, who can be reached at



  • Vendor Agreements: We updated the contracts with our subprocessors to reflect the same data protection standards to which we hold ourselves. 


  • Data Protection by Design and by Default: We committed to continuing to proactively apply data protection by design and by default principles in building and enhancing our products.  


Read the GDPR FAQs

Last updated on 29th July 2019