Geocoding for Canadian addresses does not always fill in the city if the postal code is supplied

A customer is experiencing an issue in which site visitors sign up using their postal code as their submitted-address and when NationBuilder geocodes the addresses, it does not properly detect and fill in their city. Searching google maps for that zip codes correctly brings up the city, but it does not work like that through NationBuilder. Manually re-geocoding an address does not work either.


Update 9/15/17 -  We have investigated some of the examples and the examples returned invalid results when we tried to map them on Google Maps. This may be a separate issue with how Google Maps handles Canadian addresses (<street address, postal code> returns an error). The best way to test this is to try and take the information and load it into Google Maps itself. Please let us know if you're seeing examples where Google Maps is able to find the address with the given information and it is not showing up in NationBuilder.


Thanks Brian - we are currently looking for examples of this issue and will let you know when we have more. 

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