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Since the start of this year I’ve been doing a daily 30-minute webinar every weekday going through the basics of NationBuilder. Sometimes guests have last-minute questions or want to go over specific issues in their nations, so I wanted to create more space for these free-flowing discussions. A few weeks ago I started NationBuilder Live Summer Fridays— a three-hour block of open time for anyone to join. I’ve been at NationBuilder over five years, so I can probably answer most questions and if I can’t, I’ll find you the answer!

If 10am Pacific doesn’t work for you, feel free to join Winter Fridays at 9am AEST (which is 4pm on Thursday Pacific Time).

Not sure what to talk about? Here’s some examples of questions we went through last week!

Q: Do you have software that will automatically link people in our database to their elected officials and let us know when they have responded to and Action Alert, what they said and who they contacted?

A: We have several integrations that can help! They can give your supporters the tool to send an email to their elected officials, and then log the action in your nation.

Q: I’m suddenly getting member renewal notification emails at a wrong email, how can I fix that?

A: A few places to check! Make sure that in your main Settings > Defaults > Basics, “Disable email notifications from NationBuilder to control panel users” is unchecked. Also, in your own profile you can check your notification preferences in Edit > notifications, and make sure the correct email is your primary email address.

Q: Can you review again how I connect an org to a person?

A: Yes! Under “Relationships” in a profile, you can make someone an ‘employee of’ an organization (or whatever relationship applies—make sure you have an organization profile). That way you can log contacts,  send an email on someone’s profile, and also log it on the profile of the Organization.

Q: Our event calendar is a really big part of our organization growing. Can you run through event calendars? We host 40-60 events a week (sometimes in different states).

A: Yes! You can have several calendars, so I’d suggest having one for each state and then a main calendar (where you can check ‘display all events, not just ones in this calendar) that will aggregate all events under one.

Q: Can I attach already-created events to a new calendar?

A: Yes! In the page settings, under ‘this page is a subpage of,’ you can add the slug of the calendar you want an event to be attached to.

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