Add Email Notification to a "Save < Information" Action

We are looking to add a notification when someone clicks “Save <<page> Information” on a Basic Page such as our Join a Committee page.

Because it is a Basic (custom), versus Signup (custom) it is missing the components to Notify the Point Person and Autoresponse


not planned

Hey Hank, a basic page cannot have autoresponses or path/step/point people assignments because there is no form to submit through it - the page you linked was customized to include a form by pasting the code for the form into the basic page's template, but that only allows the form to submit to the people section and doesn't give you any control panel access to the page's autoresponse and other settings. To have full control over a form, you'll need to associate it with another page (like a signup page) by using the {% subpage %} liquid tag.

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