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Displaying photos at top of blog page

I'm using the Publish theme, and the only way to post a photo at the top of a blog page is to use a slider. The problem is I want to use images that are smaller than what's required for the slider. Seems like it might have been an oversight rather than a deliberate design decision. In any case, I'd really appreciate being able to display photos without having to use the slider. I'm talking about the main blog page, not individual blog posts. Thanks.


Thanks Jeff - having a button or a place to upload a few images to the top of a blog page (or, any page really) would be great - we don't have any plans to update pages at the moment but this is definitely something we will consider. 

In the meantime it is possible to add images in your template so I copied your question over to our FAQ page for our theme team to dig into! 

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