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How the supporter navigation works

NationBuilder allows you to include a supporter navigation bar on your website pages. When someone is visiting the site for the first time this nav bar will appear with some basic information on it, such as your logo, a link to your volunteer sign-up page and donation page, a Facebook plugin, and a Twitter follow button (so long as these pages exist and these social media accounts have been connected). When someone logs into your website with their email, Facebook, or Twitter account, the supporter nav changes and the supporter sees a link to their own profile, as well as a selection of links to pages that they can go to.

Supporter nav pages

The idea with supporter nav is that you want to create specific pages for your supporters to interact with you and each other on your website, enhancing the community aspect of your nation. What page types are included here is entirely up to you.

NationBuilder includes some default page types here which give you an idea of how to make the most out of the supporter nav, these pages include:

Dashboard- let's your supporters see an individualized stream of everything going on in your nation that pertains specifically to them, i.e., people they are following, pages they are following, pages they are a part of (event's they RSVP'd for), etc.

Recruiting- Shows people that they have recruited to the nation and how many of those have become volunteers, donors, voters

Leaderboard- Shows where they stand in comparison to other users

Political Capital- How much political capital they've accumulated

Follows/Followers- Other users from you website they are following or are following them

Find Friends- allows them to find friends from their social networks who are also users on the website

Here are a couple of other ideas for what to include in the supporter nav:

-Create a suggestion box page for logged in users only, let them have input in the goals and principles of the nation.

-Create an events calendar for logged in users. Post meetings and events that are just for them. Allow users to create their own events here.

How to add a page to the supporter nav

  • When creating a new page, check the box next to "Include in supporter nav." This option is listed directly above the Create page button.

  • When editing a page, go to Settings > Page settings. Below the published date, you'll see a checkbox next to the option to "Include in supporter nav." Check the box and then click the Save page button to save your changes.

If you’re unclear on how this feature works, please ask a question. If you would like to see changes to this feature, please submit a suggestion.