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Last updated January 2018

To get started, you need access to both your NationBuilder and accounts. If you don’t have an existing account, create one from their website.

You must have access to your account to retrieve specific information that is necessary to connect with your nation.

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Get your API credentials and key from

To connect NationBuilder with, you need your API Login ID and Transaction Key - two unique values used to authenticate your authorization to process transactions through your website.

Note: The API Login ID and Transaction Key should not be shared. Keep your Transaction Key in a safe place because once it’s created, it can no longer be viewed. Changing the Transaction Key on a regular basis is recommended to strengthen the security of your account.

  1. Access your account and click Account from the main navigation bar.

  2. Select Settings from the left-side menu.

  3. From the "Security Settings” section, select API Credentials & Keys.

  4. Locate your API Login ID. You can also view the date and time you last obtained your API Login ID.

  5. Go to the “Create New Key(s)” section and enter the “Secret Answer” to the “Secret Question."

  6. Select “New Transaction Key.” Once you do, you have the option to check off the box to disable the old transaction key immediately. If you select this option, the old Transaction Key will expire right away. If you do not select this option, the old Transaction Key will expire in 24 hours.

  7. Click on Submit auth_ac_button_submit.png to receive your new Transaction Key.

  8. Once you store your Transaction Key information in a safe place, click Continue auth_ac_button_continue.png and you’ll be redirected to your account settings.

Connect with

Once you have both your API Login ID and your Transaction Key from your account, access your NationBuilder control panel.

Go to Settings > Payment processors > New processor and select from the "Select provider" dropdown under "Third-party processor." Click the Add payment processor button.
auth_new_processor.pngOn the New processor page:

1. Enter a name.

2. Get your API Login ID and Transaction Key. Copy the two values and paste them into the appropriate “API Login ID” and “Transaction Key” fields. is one of the payment processors that supports recurring donations. If you are using for recurring donations, a silent post URL will appear below the Transaction Key field once your account is created, like in the example below.

3. Look at the list of credit card types accepts and check the ones you want to use with your account.

4. You can also select a time to settle your funds in the “Settles nightly at” field. When you select a time, such as 8:00 PM, the approved transactions get submitted to Stripe for clearing at that time.

5. If you use Customer Information Management (CIM) in, you can enable this add-on in your nation. When a transaction is made, the customer data from NationBuilder will get stored in - a customer profile gets created, associating transactions from a returning donor with the existing profile. If you don’t use CIM, learn more about it from

6. If you want your account to be in test mode, check “Testing mode.” Remember to also set your account to test mode to ensure that no transactions are processed from both NationBuilder and

7. You have the option to choose a description for your organization through the “Type of organization” dropdown menu. The different options include for profit, nonprofit, charity, individual, federal_candidate, federal_pac, federal_party, state_candidate, state_pac, state_party, local_candidate, local_pac, and local-party.

8. Choose how donors will interact with your donation page. First, decide whether the donations are tax deductible. This status will appear on the donation page and on donation receipts.

9. You may require a donor’s employer and occupation information, the employer’s full address, or just the employer’s city and state.You may also include corporate contribution fields. If you are a political campaign, check your local and Federal regulations to see if you are required to collect this information. Activate any setting by checking the appropriate box.

10. If your organization has a specific disclaimer or contribution rules required to accept donations, enter that copy in the "Contribution rules" text box. This includes specific disclaimers mandated by campaign finance law. Donors will have to check a box accepting these statements before submitting a donation.

11. Once you’re done filling out the form, click the Save account button_save_account.png button. A donation page that is connected to this payment processor will pull from these fields.

You’ll see your newly added payment processor in Settings > Payment processors > All processors.

Manage recurring donations in is a payment processor that supports monthly donations and installment payments. To support recurring donations, you must enable the Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB) add-on from your account. If you do not, there is no way for to process recurring donations from your nation.

Once you enable ARB, get your silent post URL from your control panel. This URL is created once you connect your nation with

  1. To retrieve the silent post URL from your NationBuilder control panel, go to Settings > Payment processors > All processors and click on the pencil icon_edit.png button next to your account.
  2. Locate your silent post URL below the Transaction Key field.

  3. Once you have your silent post URL, access your account and click Account from the main navigation bar.
  4. Select Settings from the left-side menu.
  5. From the “Transaction Format Settings” section, click on Silent Post URL.

  6. In the URL field, enter the silent post URL you received from step 2.
  7. Once you click the Submit auth_ac_button_submit.png button, you will get a message if the URL was successfully applied.

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Issues and suggestions on our radar

There are some issues related to the integration with Democracy Engine that have come to our attention. We are monitoring their importance to the community on the product issues and suggestions page. You can follow each of the below issues to keep updated on their status.

Have more flexible recurring donation (membership) options

Accept ACH payments

Hide payment processors that can’t accept recurring donations in the control panel

Insert Verified Merchant Seal for

Support NMI Payment Gateway emulator

If you’re unclear on how this feature works, please ask a question. If you would like to see changes to this feature, please submit a suggestion.