How to use a redirect page

The purpose of the redirect page is to direct your visitors to an external website from a tab on your NationBuilder site. It can be used like any other NationBuilder page and can be included in navigation bars, sidebar buttons, featured content sliders, and hyperlinks.  

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Create a redirect page

Create a new page by going to your website and selecting + New page.

1. Enter the name and slug of the page. 

2. Select the Redirect page type. 

3. Decide whether this will be included in the top nav or supporter nav. 

4. Click Create Page Create page


You will be directed to the “Redirect settings” of your newly created page.

1. Enter the URL of the page you would like to redirect to. You must include the “http://” part of the address. 

2. Click Save redirect Save redirect

Now, any person who visits “” will be redirected to “” Note that redirect pages can be used with custom domains.

Once you redirect page you may include it in different areas of your site including your top navigation bar:

Top nav with redirect

Redirect to pages on your website

You may also redirect people to other pages on your website. In this case, you do not need to input the full URL, you only need to put in a forward slash “/” followed by the slug of the page.

URL from own site

Click Save redirect Save redirect to save your changes. 

Redirecting to pages on your own site is helpful for your SEO, particularly if you frequently delete pages. For any deleted page, you can re-use the previous slug and redirect to a new page on your site.

Use redirect pages for custom recruiter links

Redirect pages can also be used for special purposes such as custom recruiter URLs.

1. Begin by entering a name and slug for the custom link. 

Sallys link 

2. Input the slug of the page you wish to direct recruits. In this case it is a donate page. 

Custom recuiter link 1

3. Follow the slug with a question mark. 

Custom recruiter link 2

4. In a new tab, find the id number of the person you want listed as recruiter. This number is visible in every person’s profile.


Then input the “recruiter_id=” and type the correct number into the textbox.

Complete recruiter link

When someone clicks on the redirect link they will be taken to the donate page. Any donation made through that link will list Sally as a recruiter. This makes it easy for Sally to encourage her friends to donate by visiting:


instead of:


Consider creating custom URLs for all of your volunteer recruiters or fundraisers. 

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If you’re unclear on how this feature works, please ask a question. If you would like to see changes to this feature, please submit a suggestion.