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Using use consent forms on your website

Taking action on your website is a signal that someone wants to be involved with your organization. This is a great opportunity to start building your relationship with them. We've made it easier to clearly place your consent opt-ins on a webpage. By collecting this information from the beginning, you can better understand the preferences of your people and start effectively reaching out to them.

Table of contents

Turn on consent forms for pages

To get started, you must first have advanced privacy turned on and must have already created and published a consent formConsent forms can only be added to action based pages, as there is no default submit button.

Before you can add a consent form to a page, you have to enable "Ask for Consent" by going to Site settings > Basic.
Click the checkbox next to "Ask for consent" and select the consent form that you'd like to make your default. Click Save site. This allows you to easily set a default form for your whole site. Existing email or phone opt-in checkboxes will be removed from these pages and instead the selected consent form will be added to the bottom of the page.
 If you are using a stock theme and have not modified any page templates or page type templates, consent forms will appear on pages automatically. If you have a custom theme or have modified any page templates or page type templates, check out how to update your theme for consent forms

Override default consent form

You can customize which consent form you'd like to display to the people visiting a specific page on your website. Note, if you wish to use the default consent form you initially set in Site settings, you DO NOT need to take this step, it will display automatically (after completing the steps above), this is ONLY if you want to use a different consent form on a specific page.

For example, say you'd like to use your default consent form for your Donation/Endorsements pages, but on your Signup page, you want to specifically use your email newsletter consent form. You can set this in page settings after you've taken the steps above.

Go to Website > select your site.

1. You'll land on your Pages listing. Click the pencil button for the page you'd like to edit. You'll be sent to Page settings

2. Check the box next to Override default consent form and select a different consent form from the dropdown menu. This will only display published consent forms.

3. Press Save page.

How to turn on advanced privacy

How to set up consent subjects

How to run a re-permissioning campaign

How to remove email and text opt in checkboxes from pages

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