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How to use page slugs

A slug uniquely identifies a page on your website. It is the end of the URL for a page. For example: 

The word blog is the slug for the blog page on the Abe for Prez website. The slug will always be after the back slash at the end of address.

In many areas of the NationBuilder control panel, slugs are used to indicate pages that visitors will be directed to.

Slugs will always default to be the name that you designate for a page, and spaces will always be marked by underscores (_). You can edit them to make them shorter and simpler. You want to do this so that they are easy to remember. 

When editing a webpage, you can edit the slug from the Settings area. 

The word "slug" also refers to the nation's name you selected when the nation was created. 

If you’re unclear on how this feature works, please ask a question. If you would like to see changes to this feature, please submit a suggestion.