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How to use redirects with NationBuilder

Redirects can be very useful for ensuring people see your content. There's one exception: the infinite redirect loop, which makes it impossible to visit your site. 

When you own multiple domains referring to one site

If you own the three domains,, and, you need to choose the primary domain and attach that domain to your site. So, if my site is at, I'll redirect traffic from and This way, people will always wind up at and see my content. 

Root domain to www site

Your root domain, also called a naked domain, is when people type in rather than When you point your name servers to NationBuilder, we handle this process for you. If DNS is hosted elsewhere, you'll need to sort out redirecting the traffic since we don't support attaching naked domains to sites on NationBuilder. While root domain forwarding is not a DNS record, most DNS providers include this service. Ultimately, you’re looking to create a 301 permanent redirect (no masking).

Many web hosting companies use a single, dedicated IP address to connect a domain to a site. Our domain infrastructure pools IP addresses, providing additional protection against denial of service attacks. This is why we cannot provide an A record for domains hosted elsewhere.

If you are connecting a subdomain to your nation, e.g. and maintaining your primary website elsewhere, then you do not have to worry about this issue.

Do not redirect your primary website to

It's important to connect your primary website to your nation. If you have a redirect on your domain sending people from to, the first thing you need to do is remove that redirect. If you attempt to connect a domain to your site when it has a redirect on it no one will be able to visit your site, as you will have created an infinite redirect loop.

We recommend waiting 48 hours after disconnecting a redirect before beginning to connect your domain. It can take that long for the first change to propagate across the internet. Because of this delay, we strongly recommend never creating a redirect for your site's primary domain.