How to use relative date ranges in filters

You can search your people database using relative date ranges. Thus, you can search if an action was taken in the last two weeks, is scheduled in the next two weeks, occurred within this month, or occurred between one date and another date. Let's take a look at three ways relative date ranges can be used.

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Political campaign voter targeting

I want to find active voters who are on the fence and haven't been contacted recently.

Voter target

To accomplish this, I'm going to look for people who have a support level of three or four, voted in one of three elections, and were last contacted more than two weeks ago, as shown above. I'll view the filter in map view and turf cut people onto lists for door-to-door canvassing. 

Donor outreach

While I want to keep all donors updated on my organization's accomplishments, I want to be thoughtful about the number of times I reach out personally to ask for additional money. So I'm going to contact bigger donors who haven't donated recently. 

Donor outreach

To accomplish this, I'm reaching out to donors who have given more than $500 and whose most recent donation was not in the last six months. Filtering by donation date is relative, so I entered a date six months in the past to segment my donors. I'm going to save these donors to a list and call them individually to check in with them and ask for a donation, which I can process over the phone. 

Membership renewal

When memberships are about to expire, I'd like to reach out and ask members to renew.

Please note that memberships are only available to those on the Organization plan or above. If you would like memberships activated in your nation, please contact NationBuilder. 

Membership expires

I'm going to reach out to people whose membership expires in the next month. I can do this by contacting them individually, or I could save the filter and then send my expiring members an email blast that includes a link to renew their membership online. I can then schedule a similar email blast on a monthly basis to make sure expiring members are encouraged to renew. 

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