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If a user already exists in the database (and they have already opt'd in), they can't opt-out of mobile communications on their own

We have received reports from our users that they are not able to opt out of mobile communications on their own if they have already opt'd in previously. For example, if I sign a petition and check the box to "Send me text message updates" (or Email Updates) and proceed to sign the petition. In the control panel I am fully opt'd in to receive Mobile communication (or email communication). If I then go to another page and leave the box "Send me text message updates" unchecked (because I want to now opt out of mobile communication), my opt-in status stays active and I will continue to receive mobile communications (even though I attempted to opt-out). 

For email communications, you can get around this by using the /unsubscribe page, but there is no such page for mobile communications. Thus, the only way to opt-out of mobile communications is by doing so on the first ever addition to the database (unchecking the box when you first sign up) or to reach out to a control panel user to opt-out your profile for you.


Thanks Alex! In the meantime people will be opted out when they reply to a text with one of the following.


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