Inconsistent Merge Conflict Messages

I recently imported a number of profiles and am in the process of merging the duplicates.  While working on this I found that I often come across a "Resolve Merge Conflict" prompt that reads "Merged record" (followed by whatever field its referring to, such as phone number).




However, when another admin attempts to merge the same profiles in the same order, the "Resolve Merge Conflict" message does not include the text "Merged record" and simply references the field itself such as "Home phone number."




What is the distinction between these 2 variants?  The two of us have the same permission set and have attempted the merge in the same order side by side but we are getting different results - does this affect the way in which my data is merged or handled in the process?


Good catch! There should not be a behavioral difference between the variants. This is something we will consider but don't have a timeline for yet. Follow along for updates! 

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