Allow user submitted addresses to be edited via the APi

After a long and frustrating thread with NationBuilder support, I have discovered that a presumed bug is actually a feature: You are unable to edit the fields of a User Submitted Address via the API. This is irritating and makes no sense: * You can edit the fields of every other type via the API * You can edit the fields of a User Submitted Address via the GUI/Admin panel * The user submitted address is presented as a split out, parsed address * Attempting to change a field via the API does not produce an error, it merely doesn't change This presents a problem for us. We are currently trying to programatically improve the quality of our NationBuilder data. In particular, many of our addresses are incomplete or corrupt (see for some of the issues there). While my script to add missing postcodes to addresses works perfectly with every other address type (such as Home address, Twitter address, Work address), it silently fails with User Submitted. There is no logical or technical justification for this, and the reasoning given by NB support doesn't make a lot of sense given some of the reasons outlined above.


Thank you for submitting this issue. We will consider working on this but don't have a timeline at the moment.

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