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Release Nationbuilder as open source with a Wordpress-style model

This is a pretty radical suggestion, and I very much doubt it will be considered, but I believe it would work out well for all involved. I propose that Nationbuilder release the source code for their core product (Nationbuilder) as open source, encouraging a community of designers and developers to contribute. They continue to offer their hosted solution for convenience, reliability, and possibly with a few exclusive features (such as social media matching).Β 

This would quickly result in a large pool of developers and designers coming on board, fixing long outstanding bugs and feature requests, and ultimately result in a much higher class of product. I see many suggestions on this board that clients would pay money to fix if they could, and if Nationbuilder had an open source edition (e.g. Chromium vs Chrome), those clients could pay for patches, which could be incorporated into the core of the platform.

Not only would all those bugs and features be sorted, but it would allow clients with advanced, specialized integration needs to go their own way, spinning up their own, heavily customized nations. This would take the burden off Nationbuilder needing to host and support high nations with very specialized requirements for product and support, and lead to great financial gain.

I'm curious to what others in the community believe of this suggestion. While changing an entire business model is obviously not the sort of suggestion this board calls for, it's just possible that if we can show that there is enough designers, developers, and clients who would form part of the Nationbuilder FOSS community, they may consider a change.

not planned

This isn’t something that we have planned at the moment.

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