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Implement a theme deployment system compatible with Git workflow

It would be incredibly helpful to theme developers if there was a way to deploy theme updates to NationBuilder in a consistent manner compatible with a modern Git workflow. Ideally this could take the form of deployments purely through Git, with NationBuilder acting as a remote. But it would also work well if Theme Sync were a CLI tool which was version-aware and could be triggered via a Git hook. This would likely need to be a toggle in the Nation settings which also then disabled the theme editor web interface.

This would radically help teams of developers to quickly and safely work with themes.


Update 3/16/17: Today we launched our Dropbox integration - there are details on our blog!

Update 1/25/17: We are currently working on a Dropbox integration, please follow 'Create a NationBuilder theming integrating with Dropbox' for updates. We are moving this specific suggestion to use Git to 'considering', as currently we aren’t working on a Git integration but it’s possible in the future.

Update 5/23/16: We have started working on the Dropbox integration and will have more info soon!

We are currently planning to replace NationBuilder Theme Sync with a Dropbox integration. We think Dropbox will be inclusive of a broader set of our customers. It can also be used with a git based workflow via this app.

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