commented on Even with Calendar settings box checked, event RSVPs use the autoresponse template from the event rather than the calendar
Hi Kathleen,

The above notes that someone who is RSVPed through the website will receive an autoresponse email from the event— even if that event the subpage of a calendar and that calendar is set to sent out an autoresponse. Essentially— whether or not the check box is checked— the person who RSVPs through the site will get the event specific autoresponse.
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commented on Historical Membership Entries
Hi Robert,

You can set an expiration date for a membership in the past. To do so, you will need to set the set the status for the membership at ‘expired, canceled, or grace period.’ You can include ‘lapsed’ in the ‘status reason’ category.

Check out the ‘Status and expiration date’ section here:
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published Issues saving dates for events in Issues and suggestions
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