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Hi Carl and Marion,

Because donations are transactions, you filter for donations in Finances > Transactions. Click on the filter icon on the left-hand side and you want to select “Transaction type” (you can type this in the search bar) is “Donation.” Then, you can add criteria, “Transaction date” and select “is in the last” from the drop-down menu. From there, you can select the X amount of days, weeks, months, or years.
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Hi Tracy, gottcha! Yes, you can definitely make that happen. When inserting the link, go to the Link URL text field and copy/paste the following – subject line&Body=My email content.

If you want to create multiple lines in the body of the email, then follow “&Body=My email content” with “%0d” so that it’s “&Body=My email content%0dThis is the second line%0dThis is the third line.” Once you save and click the link, your email will automatically be brought up with the pre-filled text.
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Thanks, Taylor!

So there is more than one comment made on this HOWTO:, but in the control panel, it says the total number of comments is “1.”
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