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commented on page_tag
I’m trying to load a survey based on a person’s sign up tag. If the ‘sign-up’ has a tag, load new survey. One survey would be loaded if the person ‘does not contain a tag’, from the new survey.

I can loop through ‘all’ sign-up tags for the user and store them in an array. But I can’t seem to target or test, for the new tag or missing tag. I tried using an if/ if else condition, but it seems to only work for the first one.
//new tags.
{% assign the_tags = "ID_PE,FO_PE,NV_PE” | split:",”}
{% assign tags_list = " }

//loop through signup tags. 
//assign to tags_list.
  {% for tags in request.current_signup.tags }  
                {% assign tags_list = tags | append: "," | append: tags_list }
//print tags.
        {{ tags }}<br>
  {% endfor }


// if tags_list is not = to tag, load survey.
{% if tags_list != "ID_PE” }

//new survey to load.                      
load ID_PE survey

// if does have tag, move to next.        
{% elsif tags_list != "NV_PE” }
load NV_PE survey
 {% elsif tags_list != "FO_PE” }

load FO_PE survey

{% endif }

Anyone have an idea, on what’s going on? Any help would be GREAT!
posted 2016-01-12 07:38:57 -0800
commented on Landing page for FB and Twitter log-ins?
add a page id to the url
 {{ request.facebook_connect_url }}&page_id=30 
posted 2015-02-26 15:17:24 -0800
commented on Making the blog post's image show in the blog summary

see if this link works for you, good luck!
posted 2015-07-30 17:57:43 -0700
commented on Building a custom form with multiple tagging sections
I was thinking php
posted 2014-10-02 14:34:21 -0700