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commented on Allow email addresses to be identified as bad, in either import or batch update (or both)
Doing data maintainence is crucial to maintaining a healthy database. It is impossible currently to batch delete emails that periodic validations render as “bad”. NB has been pushing for more data maintainence but not provided the simple tools to clear lists with hundreds of needed updates. To date, the only workaround is extreamly painful and results in a loss of valuable information from a persons profile. The workaround is to export every record with a bad email, then delete all of the records in the database, then reload the records without the email. This results in a loss of all of the activity associated with the record. This is currently a no-win situation for NB customers.

A simple solution would be to add an option to the Batch Update > Clear Field…simply add email.

Please make this change immediately, or stop the push toward email fidelity without providing the necessary tools to be successful.
posted 2019-11-01 06:04:35 -0700
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