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Please consider providing a list of email tips to help us understand what might works best.  I understand that there are nuances, but suggestions would be helpful. For example, today I was pre-loading 3 weeks worth of campaign contribution requests.  The images I loaded were displaying fine on computers, but squeezed on phones, providing an amateur looking request...which was totally unacceptable.  After 10 minutes of searching the knowledge base for a solution, 10 minutes on hold to get a support person, 15 minutes of diagnostics by the support team, they recommended that I change the width of the images to 400, which solved the issue.  Having tips that I could try might have saved everyone a lot of time and effort.  Please consider.




Hi Jim -

Thanks for your suggestion! I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue. We know how important it is to send good emails, so I wanted to share some existing documentation around optimizing email deliverability, understanding email consent, maintaining a healthy email list, and also understanding your email results.

Also, we are putting together some additional tips around improving email stats, so stay tuned!

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