commented on How do other folks handle CRM-controlled background images?
Thanks Jeff — definitely a win for best practices to use the Social Share image. I’m 50/50 on using the label as a “tag” because it opens up possibility for entry error, but perhaps that’s still the better experience than re-ordering multiple images. And if there’s only 2 images in the mix and we put one in Social Share, then FCS can be dedicated to the “other” image. Thanks for taking this one.
posted 2017-09-15 11:38:09 -0700
Support Type: Website

Issue: Hi NationBuilder team, I’m seeking some confirmation on minimum required fields for homepage excerpts. We’re theming “widgets” for content types on the homepage to include as few fields as possible. During testing of our last theme during the summer, we found that if we omitted firstname or lastname entirely from the signup excerpt template, the form would throw required field errors, saying first and last name were required.

We re-tested the theme and found that right now, first/last name can be omitted safely for these content types as homepage excerpts:

Petition; Join/Signup; Vote pledge; Feedback

However it appears that Volunteer Signups (as homepage excerpts) do require both first and last name — those fields cannot be omitted from the template.

We can solve this dependancy with required fields, but I’m writing to confirm these results are in sync with expectations about the platform.

Thanks for your time,




Nation slug: autobox
posted 2017-10-23 11:20:05 -0700
commented on SVG Files do not work in themes when uploaded via the NationBuilder Dropbox integration
Would love to see this fixed — SVGs are essential for responsive builds. For a while I solved this by adding metadata to AI SVG exports — . Stopped working last week.
posted 2017-07-18 10:22:20 -0700
commented on New and improved theme development with Dropbox
This was awesome when it worked last month…and now it stopped. NB doesn’t see my changes to theme templates synced with Dropbox. If I remove and replace the file, my theme reverts to the default version of that template without recourse. Just me?
posted 2017-04-15 11:36:58 -0700
commented on Can we use the bundled JS form validation?
Thanks Brian. We currently roll our own validation — was just hoping to loop into the same systems. I see webshims is used, but hooking into that without upsetting the NationBuilder config would be tricky.
posted 2017-03-17 14:16:17 -0700
commented on Show events by year?
Hey Taylor, thanks so much for this info. So once we’ve got our event object, we can capture its local vars to filter. Perfect. Really appreciate you pointing out this pattern — we’ll use this all over the place!
posted 2017-03-01 09:16:48 -0800
commented on Are the social share buttons going to be fixed for mobile?
You know what? It was my outdated ad blocker not jiving with iOS 10. My fault. Thanks for the quick response, Taylor, and sorry for this one.
posted 2016-10-12 15:35:29 -0700
commented on Can we ask for a user's email after Twitter signup?
Hey Brian, thanks kindly for the follow-up. So if I have you right on this, we can use the signup object AFTER initial signup and login, to collect more signup variables?
posted 2016-09-19 09:31:02 -0700
commented on Canadian address details don't appear to be parsed after signup
Thanks kindly Taylor. So I can reference directly as a write field on initial signup? I thought we were limited to submitted_address.
posted 2016-09-03 11:34:39 -0700
commented on Error Message Needed when Control Panel User attempts to take survey when not logged in.
Surely this could be improved at the very least least with a simple flash message. We blew a launch today because the client was using their usual credentials, and the survey appeared to be broken.
posted 2016-08-26 15:15:17 -0700
commented on Where is event.content defined?
Thanks Brian!
posted 2016-08-24 13:13:29 -0700