Create a "Save" button separate from "Save and preview" when composing an email body

Currently, after composing the body of an email, clicking the "Save and Preview" button saves the changes made in the WYSIWYG editor and advances the user to the preview window.

This is very annoying when trying to fine-tune any detail about the email body; image sizes, table attributes, etc. Because the email's WYSIWYG editor is by no means a true "what you see is what you get" look into how the drafted email will look, but rather an approximation of the CSS styles, it's not uncommon while drafting content to have to make several iterative changes to a single email body before sending the blast. Having to navigate back to the body tab every time is a tedious and unnecessary aspect of that workflow.

Instead of just the one "Save and preview" button, it'd be nice to have a "Save" button that did not advance the user to the next screen.


There is now a 'Save' only button!


Thanks Jeff! We see what you're saying that makes sense and would be consistent with other parts of NationBuilder. We don't have a timeline on any changes but if there are any I'll update here! 

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