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Email API

I'd like to be able to pull via the API email stats for both recipients and open/click/bounce/spam rates, as well for an individual signup's open/click status per email blast. Additionally, I'd like like to be able to compose and send email blasts through the API. Example use cases: 1. Use my own modeling techniques with the data in my Nation to better identify signups to target for outreach, because the available filter criteria are often not sufficient for detailed analysis/modeling. 2. Sync my Nation's signups, including email open/click rates, with an external database that I use as a "source of truth" for my organization's much larger universal constituent data center.


Thanks for the great suggestion. We are trying to understand specifically what kind of information people are looking for here. It also feels somewhat related to the request to export email stats. If you have specific things that you would like to see in an Email API, please leave ideas in the comments!

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