Roll-up or combine activities with the same action callbacks

The activity stream is a great way to see what actions a user is taking, but it can become very cluttered when a user is taking actions that also trigger path/point person/membership/tag assignments.

For example, these 6 activities were all triggered by a single action taken by a new user (signing up on a page with a volunteer checkbox 'checked'):


Over time as these activities add up, it becomes more and more difficult to visually scan through an activity stream for a specific activity or event. But because all of these actions were triggered by the same callback and happen within a similar time frame, there should be enough information to "roll them up" into a smaller number of collective activities.

This is also an issue for page-specific activity streams, especially because the "new signups" count box seems to be counting the number of activities on the page and is incorrect as a result of doubled activity listings (only three people have actually signed up through this page):



Thanks for the feedback, Jeff. We are considering new ways to think about the activity feed, but don't currently have a timeline for when we'll release anything. That said, your suggestion is a great idea for how to make the activity feed more useful!

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