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I'm currently a Product Manager here at NationBuilder.


commented on Changing the length of truncated basic pages on homepage excerpts
Hey Meghan, the icons with “fa” in their names are all supplied by FontAwesome; they have a great key on their site here:

Our themes won’t include the “20 new icons in 4.5”, so avoid using those ones.

Where the old call was “widget-icon fa fa-money”, the new call you’d use for the “cog” icon for instance would be “widget-icon fa fa-cog”.
posted 2015-12-02 10:06:21 -0800
commented on collection_select class not applied
Hey Richie, most of that is proprietary; it’s not used for passing classes onto the html object.

page.donation.countries is used for pulling in that country drop-down selector; it won’t be useful in a forloop.

Can I ask what the specific usecase is that you’re unable to achieve?
posted 2015-08-07 11:12:11 -0700
commented on How do I modify error messages?
Hey Ashley, the text in the flash error messages isn’t user editable, which is why this example shows how to use JavaScript to replace the word/words with your desired phrases.

In your case, you’d want to replace “Email1” in the above code with “1 Error Occurred While Processing This Form”, and replace ‘Email address is required’ with whatever text you’d like to display instead. I’d recommend including this script at the bottom of your donation page template to avoid it being applied to errors on other pagetypes. Hope that helps!
posted 2015-07-28 11:59:02 -0700
commented on settings
Hey Collin, those stats should update once an hour or so – can you check to see that it’s updating via the “stats_updated_at” variable? Putting that in a div with a display:hidden styling will let you check. It could be how you’re displaying it on the front-facing site in that lots of partials + liquid logic can require you to clear the cache to see updates; does doing that cause the number to change?

And that’s great to hear Benjamin! It’s always the little things.
posted 2015-07-22 09:11:40 -0700
commented on Liquid Basics
Hey Frederick, that functionality is actually described in the “Display content from pages with a certain tag on another page” section of our theme documentation:

Similar to the “subpage” tag method, use of the “tag” tag requires the user to create an html snippet (or use an existing one) to associate with the tag or page slug, and creating that needed some extra explanation that we felt was better suited to the above linked section of our documentation than the “Liquid Basics” page.

I’ve added those tags to this page and have included links to the more detailed explanation that lives on the Theme Documentation page – thanks for bringing that one to our attention!
posted 2015-06-10 11:37:22 -0700
commented on page
Hey Frederick, that drop appears in every public theme’s layout.html template, not just Bootstrap – it’s used in the <body> as a way to trigger a different CSS class depending on the pagetype being used.
posted 2015-06-10 10:07:40 -0700
tagged Kyle Sponheim's Beekeeper Group with Politic-Conservative
posted 2015-06-08 16:17:59 -0700
commented on I want to change how the redirect works in signup page
Pete – I would set up a redirect pagetype to be called “Donate” – that way you’ll get a link that says “Donate” in your topnav, but it’ll direct the user anywhere you want it to.

Tony – that default login page is not editable but shouldn’t be used as your default/go-to signup page; I’d highly recommend making another signup page and directing users there.

Kamal – You should utilize the “subpage” tag for creating forms so that you can control the point people, tagging, followup, and redirect settings as you’re wanting to here. This technique is described here:
posted 2015-05-22 15:21:29 -0700
commented on How Do We Add Full-Width Background Styles to Homepage Sections
Hey Ellen,

It’s likely that you’re calling for the background image to appear in div that’s nested deeper than you want. Make sure than the div you’re calling from doesn’t have too narrow of a “span#” class (most inner containers are span12); can you point me to where you’re calling from now so I can see what the next level up would be?

posted 2014-08-28 15:41:28 -0700
commented on Editing Email Template
Hey @kristingillies, there are no differences in functionality between any of the templates; all differences are cosmetic, and some pull in images from the website the broadcaster is associated with.
posted 2015-02-23 20:44:34 -0800
responded to Help please trying to change the text on a supporter nav submit button with completed
posted 2016-06-22 09:14:06 -0700