item.amount string does not display correctly when used in receipts/checkouts


With our donation pages, sometimes we have ticket levels or donation amounts over $1000, because NB stores item.amount as a string, we needed to use a workaround to display the totals:

With the string, you cannot use math functions because the $ symbol is there.

We use the liquid code below on our receipts and checkout pages
{{ item.amount | remove: ‘$’ | times:item.quantity }} 
This works fine for 999.99 and less, but once you get over that 1000 mark you see something like this happen:


Having integers would be great for this kind of variable so that it would actually calculate things correctly. The string variable that NB is using does some strange stuff when you try to use math functions. See above 2,500 *2 becomes 40, and 1000 *2 becomes 10.



Thanks Jeffrey - we will look into this but don't have a timeline - there is another issue regarding liquid math strings that I will add to this comment once I post!

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