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NationBuilder not compliant with s3.2.4 of RFC 2822

PUTting a payload like this: {"person": {"email1": "example&"}}

To the /people/:id endpoint (and I assume others) returns: { "code": "validation_failed", "message": "Validation Failed.", "validation_errors": [ "email 'example&' should look like an email address" ] }

This is due to the ampersand and is not in line with section 3.2.4 of RFC 2822 (

It means some of our members' email addresses can't be used with NationBuilder.


Email addresses cannot include ampersands in NationBuilder. This is not specific to our API; it is also not possible to manually add an email address through the control panel with this symbol. 

I've moved this post (originally submitted through our API developers forum) over to our Suggest page as a feature request to allow the submission of email addresses with '&' symbols.

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