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Brad, at the risk of sounding like a Luddite, would not this be almost as good – perhaps even better – if you just monitored who was checking in and manually awarded points (or what have you) in NationBuilder?

A google search seems to indicate that, for the sake of privacy, Foursquare does not allow check in data to be queried in the way suggested. The API can tell you all the places you’ve been, but it won’t tell you all the people who have been at a certain place.
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found it: <p><label for=“donation_occupation”>Occupation</label><br>{% text_field “occupation”, class:“text” %}</p>
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Two issues here – email address as contact info, and email address as login username. Merged contacts currently destroy both.
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If I’m running for office, my twitter feed is going to be followed by both supporters as well as many of my most motivated detractors.

I love that all followers are imported into NationBuilder – that’s fabulous – but I don’t understand the benefit of listing them as supporters. Might even be nice to have them listed in NationBuilder explicitly as “twitter followers,” though I think “prospects” would be an improvement.
posted 2011-08-12 13:51:23 -0700
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If you want to build a custom edit link you can use code like this:
{% capture editurl %}https://{{ site.slug }}{{ }}/pages/{{ }}/share{% endcapture %}

The code only works if you are not a Republican. And if you modify the particular strings to get to the right edit page. And you output something like this:
&lt;a href="%7B%7B%20editurl%20%7D%7D"&gt;Edit Social Media Settings&lt;/a&gt;
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I would also like to have the line numbering.
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commented on Can we translate our nationbuilder nation's page? will be offering a NationBuilder theme translated into Spanish in a week or two.
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