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commented on Best way to get random sampling of supporters?
Thanks Erik. Yeah, that’s what I did, but you know that’s a whole process, would love it if I can get that job done more quickly without having to export out and import back in twice each time…

Here’s hoping someone at the NB team can think up a creative way to approximate a sampling with the existing search tools. I bet there is one, but I wasn’t able to find it.

You can get just a little bit random by searching
Name: " A%"

Because of the preceding space, that will sort of get you everyone with an “A” last name, but it will also get you people with an “A” middle name, or just anyone with a space followed by an “A” anywhere in their name. You can save it as a filter, so if you create 26 alphabet filters you might be able to use those to quickly add to two lists. But of course that’s going to be really sloppy…

I would love to just be able to get all even NationBuilder IDs and all odd NationBuilder IDs.
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Oops – looks like this request was a dupe of

Any plans for native search? Not a need; just curious.
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commented on Making User-Submitted Events Optional
As I’m sure you’ve found, you can turn this off by editing the calendar page, clicking “calendar” and then clicking “User submitted events”

the path will be something like

but SLUG and “123” are specific to your nation and the page id of your calendar page
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commented on Donation URL'S
Is this feature request not feasible? I understand if impossible, but all else equal I think it is a legit need.
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commented on fugue icons
How do I use the 24×24 and 32×32 icons?
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followed teaser image for blog post above the flip
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commented on How to get next page
I don’t think this is what I meant. What I want is to be able to get the object data from a sibling page.

/cain is a page. /able is a page. They are both descendants of /adam

How do I print /able ’s title (or any other object) within the /cain page? Is there a good solution for referencing a page via a sibling?
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I don’t think you can do these things, and I would love to be mistaken.
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commented on Custom add into template feature content slider
Another example:

This is partial contents of my modified _columns_2.html theme file <em>(may not be appropriate for production sites)</em>:

<div class=“twocolumn_container”> <!— left column begins —> <div class=“left_column”>

{% case }
when 19 }
<p>features used to be here, but no longer due to custom _columns_2.html</p>
else }
include “features” }
endcase %} {{ content_for_notifications }} <div class=“content_{{ request.template }}”> {% yield %} </div> </div> <!— left column ends —> <!— right column begins —> <div class=“right_column”> {% case %} {% when 19 %} {% include “features” %} {% else %} {% comment } nothing { endcomment %} {% endcase %}

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commented on Basic template and colors for Dashboard
Drupal’s Garland theme (as well as others) had this color wheel feature which might be a good model for how to make this user friendly. I don’t know how difficult this is to get working with the template – but that’s a model if this is something NB wants to implement.

Let me know if need more details.
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