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Brad- Yes, you can embed Google Maps into a regular basic page. You should use the “template” tab to edit the code directly, and you can get the embed code straight from Google Maps.

And you’re free to use JavaScript to manipulate the maps. jQuery is already loaded on all the pages, so you can use that without having to upload the scripts.
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commented on Foursquare Integration
I’d really like to hear how some people would want to use this. Here are a few things I’ve thought of…

1. If you’re a venue, I can see you wanting to be able to track checkins to your venue within NationBuilder. That would be very useful. But we don’t have any customers like that right now and we don’t plan on targeting that market any time soon.

2. If you are promoting an event, which practically all of our customers do, letting folks check in to the event through foursquare is kind of cool, but I don’t think there’s enough people using foursquare for that to be particularly interesting at this point.

3. Are political candidates looking at this as a way to broadcast where their events are happening at as they are going out and meeting people? That could be useful, but again, the lack of people really using foursquare doesn’t seem like this is worth the effort.e
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commented on Is it possible to set a survey so that it doesn't show the responses in public?
The simplest way to keep responses off the site for any given page is to just uncheck the “Show stream” checkbox. It works for any page, including surveys. You can also turn it off for the entire site from the site settings page.
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Hey Isaac-

Thanks for the heads up, we are working on this with Democracy Engine and will have a solution soon.
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Yeah there is no fee at this point, and hopefully we won’t have to institute one.
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Tsuyoshi – if you just click on the “template” tab on the page, you can add in any embeddable thing you want, including iframes. You just have to edit the template. The regular wysiwyg content areas are more limited, the templates are not.
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