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Grassroots power transformer

I got my first tastes of campaigning in the 2009 BC-STV campaign (a referendum on the adoption of a proportional representation system in British Columbia) and the 2011 municipal election in Vancouver, when I was part of the team that elected Vancouver first Green city councillor, Adriane Carr. Since then, I've had the bug and have managed and worked on many exciting and groundbreaking campaigns at the municipal, provincial and federal levels, and served as the Digital Campaigner for the 2016 campaign for proportional representation in the Prince Edward Island plebiscite, in which the majority of Islanders voted in favour of adopting Mixed Member Proportional Representation. I have used NationBuilder in every campaign I have been involved in since 2012.

My specialty is in helping take grassroots campaigns to the next level of competitiveness with more established or well-resourced political players with the help of technologies like NationBuilder. My services are available to organizations that are aligned with my values of sustainability and social and economic justice.


Q: Any feedback you'd like to provide on the overall certification process?
A: I liked the freedom to create my own demonstration project on NationBuilder to demonstrate my competency. One thing that could be improved would be have been made aware of the character limit in my project write-up in advance, as I had written a much more descriptive document in a separate program to begin with, only to realize that I needed to boil it down to less than half what I had written when I tried pasting it into the online form, which took a lot of work.
posted 2017-07-28 18:16:38 -0700