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I deleted a blog but the posts are still showing up in the overall blog.

I have a few blogs on my Nation and all of the blogs are combined for the main blog. I tried to delete two of the blogs that I didn't need, but the posts remained published for some reason. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Official response from

'Blog Post' pages and 'Blog' pages are two distinct and different page types:

  • A 'Blog Post' page is an individual 'Blog Post'. It contains only one entry, but that entry can exist in multiple 'blogs'.
  • A 'Blog' page is a single page that aggregates and displays multiple 'Blog Posts'. This can happen in one of two ways: (1) a 'Blog' page can display all of the 'Blog Posts' that are subpages of that 'Blog' page or (2) a 'Blog' page can display all 'Blog Posts' on the site (not just the ones under that blog). 


Because 'Blog Posts' are unique pages unto themselves, marking their parent 'Blog' page as deleted won't remove them from your site — as they're still marked as published, individually. A 'Blog' on your site configured to show all blog posts on the site will, therefore, still show these individual 'Blog Posts' as published.

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