Increase length of time for completion of a step along a NationBuilder path

Originally submitted on May 20, 2016

At present, when you set up a NationBuilder path, the furthest into the future that you can plan for a step along the path's completion is 30 days. This is a big problem for me because I have a path which requires annual steps for 5 or more years into the future.

To be clear, if I create a path called "Be an active supporter" whose second step is "Recontact to confirm support in one year", I cannot set the date for the commencement of that second step to more than 30 days in advance, which obviously does not make sense if the step is to recontact in one year's time.

So please make the date for completion of a step to a minimum of 10 years rather than 30 days which will cover the overwhelming majority of cases where steps are used.


This is complete! There are now a lot more options when creating a path for the expected due date of the path! 


This is something we are considering but does not have a timeline at the moment - although we are currently researching and working on the next iteration of paths so we will keep this in mind. Once the path is created you can go in and edit the due date to as far in the future as you'd like, but that does not solve the automatic due date issue. 

We are paying close attention to the most popular suggestions so please share and encourage others to follow and comment!

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