NationBuilder Everyday Leaders Judy Vaughan

Judy Vaughan

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Judy is a Top #EverydayLeader of 2020 for her mentorship and partnership as a co-founder of Alexandria House in Los Angeles.

“No one of us can do this work by ourselves. We really need each other. And we all have different days and different moments and different skills, but the only way we're going to make a radical change is if we find ways to draw upon every single person and what they contribute to a society, to an agency. I think it's really special.

"Not only am I really honored to be recognized, I'm thrilled to be recognized with Michelle. We are committed to creating an effective model of team leadership.

“We ended up serving 1,800 meals. We became a food distribution center all through the summer months… It really takes creativity in how to continue to respond to the needs of people who are struggling even more from having lost their job, not knowing how to pay rent, not knowing where their food is going to come from—that takes creativity and also a real commitment that the staff at Alexandria House has demonstrated.”

— Judy Vaughan

Nominated by Barby White:

“…They have done everything in their power to bring miracles. From helping individuals find housing when they were homeless during a pandemic, to making sure that people stayed in their home even though they no longer had the income (and finding income sources for them), to providing food for those who were struggling to provide for themselves and their families. These women have coordinated the distribution of food to up to 1,800 people a week in Los Angeles, as well as toiletries, blankets, and many other needed items.”

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