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'Archived' status for websites

For nations with multiple websites for various projects or campaigns, it would be great if there was an 'archived' status that would allow entire sites to remain available past the end of their active use.

This would mean these sites would stay online but simply not accept any form submissions any more. 

Currently, reaching the 2-site or 10-site limits of the more affordable price plans force NationBuilder clients to delete such sites unless they pay much more for another plan. (And those steps can be huge, e.g. from Organization to Enterprise plan!)

We're seeing this dilemma more and more with our film industry clients where the production company is the nation and each film is a website sitting on this nation.

Benefits of archiving sites as opposed to having to delete them:

  • websites remain online for historical purposes – many of them are valuable documents
  • links from other sites don't break, SEO is maintained
  • new sites can be opened on the nation without breaking the bank
  • additional income for NationBuilder (a smaller fee than for live sites – but better than zero in the event of deletion)

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This is something we will consider but does not have a timeline at the moment.

Thanks to the Architects who already have commented & shared! 

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