Large site clones sometimes fail due to duplicate slugs or page tags

Large site clones often fail because they create duplicate slugs or page tags. The share is initiated and the new user will attempt to create a new website from the shared template - there is no error message posted - but when the nation that accepted the share clicks on 'website' they get a burst pipe. We believe this is due to duplicate slugs or page tags created mistakenly by the share. 

This comes up with Architects who share sites with their customers. 


Update 12/22 -

Site cloning is available again for all nations. Clones can be made internally in the original nations and externally to destination nations. If you are still observing issues please email and our Frontline Team can help. Please include your nation slug and the slug of the website that you are trying to clone. 


Update & Clarification 12/14 -

We are currently actively working on a fix for site cloning. While we work we have disabled the button to create a clone of a site and a flash message will appear letting you know it is no longer possible at the moment. 

In many cases you may be able to accomplish your task without cloning the site. We suggest using preview mode to view changes or changing page permissions so the pages you are working on are only visible to you.

If you need to clone a site you can email and our Frontline Team will be able to talk you through the options, cloning the site may not be possible but we will work to find the best alternative solution for your needs. Please include your nation slug and the slug of the website that you are trying to clone. 

We will update here when site cloning is available again. 

Update & Clarification 11/14 -

We are experiencing some issues around site cloning, particularly with large sites and older sites that may have had pages moved between sites/subpage directories over time.

One example of what we are seeing is that in site clones created in the same nation as the original site it can sometimes create duplicative pages on the original site.

We currently recommend sharing sites to an external nation before attempting to clone in case you run into any issues. 

If you are unable to clone a site, the immediate solution is to create a new site from the "Basic" site type rather than a shared site. 

However, in some cases where site clones had previously failed, new site creations from the "Basic" site type will also fail. In these cases we will need to create a new sandbox nation for you - please email for further assistance. 


This is something we will look into the root cause of - it is possible for us to help push your share forward so please email if you need assistance. 

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