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Autodistricting adds incorrect period to "St" in some UK wards

There has been a report of the autodistricting feature incorrectly mapping addresses to the wrong ward by adding a period to the end of the abbreviation in the ward name.

For example, an address that should be mapped to the "St James" ward will autodistrict into "St. James" when the location is manually saved. Similarly, the "St Mark's" ward will autodistrict as "St. Mark's." This creates a problem when filtering by ward because there are also wards in London called "St. James" and "St. Mark's," so filtering by both will pull up unwanted data.

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Hey Lauren, in this case the UK is one of the only countries that allows for both custom voting district imports as well as auto districting to be enabled. Because our auto districted voting districts use the '.' in the name for 'St. James' and 'St. Mark', you can sometimes end up with duplicative region names due to minor differences like this.

There are two ways to make the two match and avoid having using two filter criteria per name:

1. Re-import the file with the corresponding '.' added to names.

2. Disable and re-enable the "Automatically update voting districts when an address changes" option in your Political settings. This will cause all users in the database with an accurately geocodable address to have their voting districts 'refreshed' by our auto districted regions over the next 4-12hrs, depending on the size of your database. Please note that this will overwrite any custom districts you had previously imported.

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