Fundraising goals appear to attribute donations to the wrong control panel user

A control panel user who is not listed as a fundraiser in this nation is listed as the top fundraiser in their goals dashboard. No donations are attributed to him in his profile or anywhere in the nation's finances.

Many of the true top fundraiser's contacts were recently reassigned to this control panel user - and the real top fundraiser no longer appears in the fundraising leaderboards. 



Thanks Lauren - it looks like this is an issue with the logic used to determine fundraising goals - instead of taking everything that the person is a 'fundraiser' for it is taking everything that everyone assigned to them has donated. 

We don't have plans to update this soon but in the meantime you can create a public or private leaderboard and make sure that 'show in leaderboards' is unchecked for anyone you do not want included for accurate numbers. 

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