I love stories, everyone has at least one great story to tell (you can watch mine at The Internet Is My Religion), but some of the most important stories go untold. The stories of the leaders and creators getting their hands dirty creating a new world. The people who matter.

That's what our new podcast, Leaders and Creators, is all about.

Listen to the first episode now.

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, this podcast will feature interviews with the world's best organizers. Forget about the talking points on Meet the Press, now you can listen to real stories of the people truly changing the world.

NationBuilder chief organizer Adriel Hampton, a former newspaper journalist and founder of the Gov 2.0 Radio podcast, is producing and hosting the show. As a journalist and podcaster, Adriel has interviewed hundreds of politicians, technologists and entrepreneurs, from former CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to Arianna Huffington and tech guru Tim O’Reilly. He’s excited to explore and learn with NationBuilder’s community as we take you into the minds of organizing super stars, from their beginnings to inside stories behind their biggest successes and challenges.

Today’s inaugural show features Austin Guest of ALIGN NY and Olivia Leirer and Greg Basta of New York Communities for Change, three key organizers behind Occupy the Board Room, an ambitious online project that in its first week gathered more than 6,000 personal stories directed at top bank executives as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Adriel talks with these organizers about the gift economy at work in #OWS and their own personal journeys.  There is a lot to learn from them no matter what your cause or worldview is.

And that's an important point, this show will feature organizers across the ideological spectrum. There is one key thing that organizers on the left, right, inside and outside all agree on - the awesome power of connecting people to create change. This power is what has propelled civilization forward for thousands of years from Moses to Martin Luther King, and the potential of the internet to accelerate this impact is what inspires us every day at NationBuilder.

We hope this first show inspires you in your own organizing efforts. Please sign up to get the show Sunday mornings (You can subscribe via email or iTunes)

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