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Have a simple way to alphabetize names in a List and Save them, maybe from Settings under each List

The person who set up NB for our org., was able to do that in one list several months ago. She can't remember how, but said someone from NB talked her through it. The Support folks don't know how now. Our site is gsorw and under Lists, 2017 members has been saved in alpha order. At the top is a note : "List theme sorts by last name." All other lists cannot be saved using Filter/Save process. They all have a note saying: "List sorts by street name" at the top. Thank you.


Hey Libby –

The list sort is defined by the printed sheet theme, which you can access from the list settings like so:



Themes that include addresses sort by address to make walking order more intuitive, but those that don't sort by name, so choose a theme like "Voter ID call sheet" to get your desired sort order.

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