Allow testing option or date trigger for ActBlue page type

For first time page uses it's impossible to learn how the ActBlue page type functions without having it pull the data. This causes problems if, like us, you have already entered previous donor data. This page type should have a testing option to allow a user to set up the page, link it to the ActBlue account, get it properly set up, then begin reading data. Or, a trigger that the user could invoke to begin reading data after a specific date. In our case, that would be ideal because we have mixed finance data uploaded that we weren't able to discern it's origin, so some is previous online ActBlue and some is not. If we had a trigger option, we could set up the page, get it to look the way we want, then tell it to start uploading all data after tomorrow (or some future date.) Then we would avoid having to remove the duplicate contributions that would be created in the current scenario.


Thank you Lisa - I will let our finances team know your concern!

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