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Hi Cate, NationBuilder will automatically direct you into the control panel if you sign into your site with an email address that has the proper permissions. If you have already signed in with an email address or Facebook/Twitter account that has control panel access, you can get into your control panel to manage the website at
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commented on Show Facebook feed in website's sidebar
Hi Geoffrey, it depends on your site’s layout. If you want the plugin to display on every page, then I’d recommend reaching out to your site’s designer for specific advice on where to include the embed code. For most NationBuilder customers using a public theme, adding the Facebook plugin in the sidebar makes the most sense, and edits to the sidebar can be made in the “_columns_2.html” and “_supporter_nav.html” theme files.

However, if you only want a Facebook plugin to appear on one page, you can paste Facebook’s embed code into the page-level template. More on how to do that here:
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commented on Liquid Basics
Hi Chris, there’s not really a way to use developer tools on your front-facing site to debug Liquid because it’s a backend templating language. If you’re unsure how different Liquid logic tags or filters are affecting your variables, I’d recommend printing those variables to the page throughout the code to confirm the changes are working as expected.
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commented on How to turn your donation page into a staged donation page
Hi John, looks like your site’s donation page is customized at the page level, and NationBuilder won’t override those page-level edits with the theme change. I just created a /dontate2 page on your site, and the staged donation form is now appearing as expected. You can restore the donation page’s template to default and save and publish, and then you will see the staged donation form on that page as well.
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commented on Steps you can take if your ISP or spam filter is blocking your nation's email
Ricardo, if your supporter’s ISP has blocked email from one of NationBuilder’s IP addresses, then I’d recommend that they send a letter like the one above to their ISP. However, there are a number of reasons why an email may not get delivered to a specific inbox. You should check your email blast’s stats to see if the ISP sent back a bounced or bad reason for that specific recipient. Our email delivery team may be able to help decipher those those bad or bounced reasons and recommend some steps to get that email delivered next time. Just shoot us an email at with links to the blast and supporter in question.
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commented on How do I resolve spam assassin complaint "URI: URI hostname has long hexadecimal sequence"?
Long blocks of unreadable data in a URI can indicate a link in an email blast is a “tracking” URI used to identify precisely which recipient email address received the message and actually accessed the URI. Using these sorts of links is how the email blast stats get populated.

Spam Assassin is appropriately (albeit inconsistently) picking up on tracking links in the email blast and marks this as a potential flag for email deliverability. We understand that any inkling of spammy content is disconcerting for customers, but this specific issue should not interfere with deliverability.
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