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Managing followups and priority levels

October, 2015: Followups were deprecated in September. If you are using the current version on NationBuilder, you have access to paths and goals rather than contact types and followups. This HOWTO is available for existing customers who are still using the feature.

Followups are reminders to connect with a person in your nation. They can be set automatically when a person takes action on your website or manually added to a person's profile. Followups display in a box on the right of a profile overview.

Priority levels can help sort followups, ensuring that limited time is spent on the most important prospects and supporters. Priority level is shown in a profile overview next to the “add tag” button.

Profile with followups and priority levels

Followup components

The followup statuses are

Orange arrow Orange: overdue

Green arrow Green: due today

Yellow arrow Yellow: due in the future

Contact type

Contact types define why a person needs to be contacted. Edit existing contact types or create new ones at Settings > Defaults > Contact type. The default contact types include:

  • Fundraising appeal
  • Inbox
  • Invite
  • Outreach
  • Question
  • Thank you
  • Volunteer recruitment

Due date

A followup is due in relative time to the present. It will show the number of days between the present date and the future due date. In the case of the overdue followups it shows how long ago it was due. To change the day the followup is due click on the displayed time (e.g. "6 days ago", or “Tomorrow”) and select a new date from the calendar popup.

Followup due dates

Adding a followup from profile overview

Click "+Followup" and a drop-down menu of contact types will appear. Search for a contact type by typing it in the available text box. Select a due date by clicking on the displayed date and selecting an appropriate day from the popup calendar.

Click the yellow “Set” button to add the followup.

To cancel the followup, select the "x" in the top right corner, or the "Cancel" button.

Setting a followup

Action-based followups

When a person takes an action on your website, or contacts a broadcaster, a followup can be triggered. Additional information is available on automated workflows.

When editing a page, the third tab is specific to the page type you are editing. This is where you can add automated workflow elements, including followups.

To create an automated followup select the checkbox labelled “Mark as needing followup.” An expanded set of options will appear. Choose the contact type from the drop down menu.

A second drop down menu will display options for setting a due date relative to the date the supporter takes the action. The options range from the same day to 2 weeks later. You can choose a specific due date not tied to the date the action is taken by choosing “specific date” from the drop down menu and selecting a date from the popup calendar.

Event advanced settings

As an example, RSVPs and attendees can be marked as needing followup on an event page. At Event settings > Advanced, an additional five automated actions can be taken when someone RSVPs:

  1. Tags added to profile
  2. Assigned a point person if one does not already exist
  3. Marked as needing followup
  4. Membership added to profile
  5. Action chain created: directed to a specific page on website after RSVP’ing

Similarly, attendees can be tagged, marked as needing followup, and assigned a membership. These elements are part of every action page. 

Priority level

Priority pop upYou can prioritize followups to determine which people to contact first using priority level. A priority level is a way of identifying a person’s importance in your community. This is separate from support level, which is a more static characteristic based on how a person relates to your nation’s mission. Priority level is fluid and can vary based on a point person’s objectives.

Priority level is on a scale from one to five, with five being the most important. A visual representation of priority level is always included in a person’s profile.

A person’s priority level can be set in the following ways:

  1. Click on the priority level icon in a profile overview
  2. From Edit > Settings within a profile, select from the drop-down menu
  3. Batch update
  4. Import priority level using a value from 1-5

In the profile overview set a priority level by clicking on the Priority level empty icon next to the Add tag button button. A popup will appear.

Click on a level between None and 5. Move your mouse off the popup and the priority level will be set. Now it is possible to sort followups based on priority level.

View and close followups

In the People section, filter followups and log contacts in single-person view to effectively manage your workflow. You can search for people who need followup, why they need followup, and when they need followup. 

Here is an example of sorting outreach followups and contacting people.

    1. Create a filter Filter icon based on followup due date and contact type.
      Filter for followup types
    2. Click Single person view icon to use single-person view. Edit a profile and log a contact before moving onto the next person in the filter.
    3. Use the “Sort by” drop-down menu to sort profiles that match your filter criteria. Select “Highest priority” to sort by priority level, ensuring you contact the most important supporters and prospects first.
    4. Reach out to the person by phone or email. Click “log contact” to record your interaction.
    5. Include contact type, status, notes, and the method of contact.
    6. Based on the contact, assess support level and priority level.
    7. Check the box to close the followup.
      Close followup
    8. Click the yellow button to record the contact.
    9. Consider adding another followup for future engagement.

Since a followup is a reminder to contact someone, no record is kept once it is closed. By closing a followup while logging a contact, an ephemeral reminder to reach out to someone is transformed into a permanent record of interaction.

Coordinate relationships with contact types and followups

How to use lists and batch actions

How to filter

If you’re unclear on how this feature works, please ask a question. If you would like to see changes to this feature, please submit a suggestion.