Membership expiration dates are not extending when members donate again

A customer on the Leader (legacy) plan using memberships is experiencing an issue in which a membership expiration date is correctly set upon the member's first donation, but subsequent donations do not extend the membership's expiration date as they should.

For example, a user donated on 8-12-17 on a donation page that was configured to apply a 1-year membership, so their membership expiration date was correctly set to 8-12-18. Then on 11-29-17 they donated on that same page again, so their membership should have been extended a year, pushing it to 8-12-18. At this point, the activity on their profile said "X donated, X renewed their membership until 2018-08-12", which sounds correct, but it didn't actually change the date.

Then, on 03-04-17, the user donated offline and a control panel user added the donation to the control panel manually, specifying that it should add 1 year to the membership, but the membership expiration date is still set at 8-12-17. It should be set to 8-12-19 by this point.

This particular customer has noticed this across multiple profiles in their nation.


Thanks Brian! Can you please provide links so we can look closer?

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