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commented on #EverydayLeaders
There are so many people in our community that have stepped up to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. From people making sure there is enough food to people who sent much needed computers. But I think that our leaders Judy Vaughan and Michelle Tonn of Alexandria House ( in Los Angeles, are the ones to be commended for being the “Yes” women that they are. No matter what the need that is brought to them is they have done everything in their power to bring miracles. From helping individuals find housing when they were homeless during a pandemic, to making sure that people stayed in their home even though they no longer had the income (and finding income sources for them), to providing food for those who were struggling to provide for their selves and their families. These women have coordinated the distribution of food to up to 1,800 people a week in Los Angeles, as well as toiletries, blankets, and many other needed items. And they have been there helping people every day of the week through it all.
posted 2020-12-12 16:57:47 -0800