Some good news!

  • The counts of subpages displayed next to parent pages weren’t correct in some cases. For example, if you changed a subpage’s status to deleted it would be deleted it from parent page but still counted in the subpage count. This would mean that your subpage count would also be one bigger than the number of pages displayed in the listing for that parent page. If you then wanted to fully delete that blog post you’d have to search for it by name in the page search. Confusing! We’ve updated it so that all pages no matter their status will be listed if you want to update their status/delete them

After you clicked on all the links above did you notice a pattern? All updates and issues will be posted on our Suggestion Page! How will you know if a suggestion that you are interested in is updated? Follow that suggestion and you will receive an email.

  • Which reminds me - autoresponses on suggestion boxes allow you to send an email when you write an official response - they live in 'Box settings'. However, previously it only sent once when you first answered the suggestion. If you wanted to add anything / change any spelling mistakes / update the suggestion at all you would have to also post the update as a comment for the followers to receive it. Now you can update your community more frequently on the issues they care about - with our new checkbox to email all followers of any official updates.

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