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Devin Tepleski uses his skill-sets in web design, data management and analysis, multimedia creation, and communications to help research teams, community organizations, and indigenous communities share information more effectively and more beautifully.

Besides his work utilizing the latest technologies for community engagement, he is active as a photographer and filmmaker. The recipient of numerous international awards for his photographs and films, Devin continues to try to fit in as much creative work into his busy schedule.

Devin is also the founder of Friends of Bui Society, a non-profit that merges art and documentary traditions to raise awareness of and much needed funds for communities impacted by Bui Hydroelectric Dam, Ghana.

Tepleski’s images have been published by TIME and O Magazine, and were featured in the Human Rights Special Edition of Zoom published in Italy in 2012.


commented on Choosing to lead
Having a tough time stomaching this, NationBuilder. Give it a rest on the trite outsider narrative. Your platform helped elect a fascist. I don’t blame you for that. Your web platform is powerful, and yes, sure, unexperienced people can do some monumental things with it (which Trump isn’t, by the way). I do blame you for feeding into the outsider narrative when your platform clearly helped elect the status quo Republicans. I blame you for using the election results as part of your sales pitch in such a misleading and shameless way. I was all for your efforts to build an open(ish) non-partisan platform, but with the recent pricing change rollout (that was a kick in the teeth to small non-profit / community organizations) and this blog post, I don’t know anymore.

Like Shannon, I don’t expect you to only work for progressive causes. I do expect you to make moral decisions. You are not WordPress. You actually have a team of strategists and experts on staff offering advice. My question to you is how involved was your team in the campaign? Was it simply the web platform?
posted 2016-11-18 09:13:35 -0800
tagged Tom Ryan's Integrations with Important
posted 2016-02-25 08:10:48 -0800
commented on Displaying Map Below Events
I’m having same issue as Roy. Is there an editable file that handles the maps on calendar pages? Looking in the console, the script appears the same as the original _map.html, but I’ve made changes to that file that aren’t reflected. There must be a duplicate script in a different file that the global liquid object injects in the event calendar template, but I have no clue where this map file resides.
posted 2016-02-06 14:09:01 -0800
commented on signup
Is it possible to print the date a signup was added to the People DB? Also, what is the difference between request.current_signup and request.current_user?
posted 2016-01-08 20:35:50 -0800
signed up on API updates email list
posted 2016-01-08 20:21:38 -0800
commented on page
@fredrik, I know I’ve come across this before, but do you know how to get tags with spaces to work? I can’t seem to get the handleize filter to work within the loop. My main reason for using page tags with spaces is so they appear properly if somebody clicks on a tag to view pages like it. The alternative is to just replace the dash in instances where a tag is printed to a page. It works fine, but I’m having a heck of a time figuring out why handelize doesn’t work in that context.
posted 2016-01-08 17:07:11 -0800
commented on Icon Reference Request
Sorry, Meghan. I added some code in my comment, but NB doesn’t seem to like it. Send me an email if you have any questions devin@myriadfront.
posted 2015-12-10 00:21:22 -0800
commented on How to I display custom field in public profile
Try this in your profile template instead: {{ profile.custom_values_for_display[‘INSERT CUSTOM FIELD SLUG HERE’] }}

If you are trying to display data on a public profile don’t use request.current_signup. That will grab the data from the record of the logged in visitor, not the record associated to that profile.
posted 2015-12-10 00:14:54 -0800
commented on Blog and Event Excerpts on Collective Stock Theme
This doesn’t actually work in the same way. The styling on the Collective theme demo is much different than what I am getting. The blog excerpts in the theme demo are in two columns with a stylized read more button. Adding the ‘homepage’ tag only inserts the content of that blog post at the bottom of the homepage in a linear fashion, one after the other.
posted 2015-01-04 11:24:22 -0800
commented on Do blog entries have a Excerpt field?
Strange. That should be {{ attachment.url }} as the img src.
posted 2015-02-26 09:05:40 -0800
commented on account
email_opt_in is not a valid form field for Account. This needs to be an available variable on Account page type for Canadian users.

If a non-member goes to the login page and inputs an email to start the account activation process they are automatically opting in to emails and offside of Canada’s anti-spam laws. The only way around this is to replace the create account portion of the login page to instead reference a subpage of the Join page type.
posted 2015-01-28 11:53:55 -0800